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Automatically extract and convert handwriting to usable text, 

like this: 

“We receive thousands of handwritten test forms a month...FlexiCapture was ideal for us. FlexiCapture's sophistication and flexibility means it accommodates whatever we want. Plus, we're a hands-on organization who has the experience to do things in house — and FlexiCapture has great scripting, meaning we can design forms in virtually any way we wish. It's extremely powerful.”

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What the software does very accurately:

Read hand-print from forms designed for automated extraction like these:

Read handwriting from free-form zones:

What the software does with varying degrees of accuracy:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this business software cost?

First, the software is designed for business, not home users. We are not allowed to post the pricing for the product online but will send it to you right away once you register for a free demo. You an also download the pricing simply by registering here. Keep in mind that the software is priced to reflect the labor savings you will incur, but is much more than an off the shelf OCR product like ABBYY FineReader Corporate (which runs about $400). 

You mentioned above that the software does not do well converting free form text. I have pages of handwritten notes that I want to turn into word processing documents. Will the software do that for me? 

No software can do this with the exception of a very high-end product which is outside the price range of most businesses. 

Do I need to be a programmer to set up the software, and how much configuration is required?

You do not need to be a programmer unless you wish to create custom scripts for things that are not out of the box functions. The amount of configuration for each form  depends upon how many fields you wish to extract. We will show you how to do it during your demo. You can purchase training for your company so that you can create the extraction rules yourself. Another very important factor is whether your form is a fixed format type or a semi-structured one. We will explain the difference to you in the demo.

I am just researching this software and really just want to learn more at this point and not see a demo. What are my options:

We provide a huge variety of resources on our web page including technical articles and how to videos.  If you fill out the demo request form above you can just tell us where you are in your discovery phase and we will respect that and guide you during your journey.  Or you can visit our web page: 

ABBYY® FlexiCapture for Handwriting:

Software for your Business


Greg Shulkey
Director of MIS

“The need to handle barcodes, back-end data checking and hand printing meant we needed flexibility...and FlexiCapture supported the dynamic. If we missed things and needed new business rules, we just added them.”

Turns handwritten text into editable form such as a text document
Supports 28 styles of handwriting from different countries and 120 languages
Includes ABBYY's FormDesigner tool to help revise forms allowing for optimal data extraction
Also includes extraction of checkmarks (OMR), text, and barcodes

ABBYY's ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technology for business will automatically extract handwriting from your forms along with other useful features.

Select what type of extraction you'd like to learn more about:

FlexiCapture recognizes and extracts many forms of information.


Typed Text


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Automatic Document Classification

Documents are automatically classified according to their type eliminating manual pre-sorting before scanning. Documents are automatically separated from each other before being sent to the data extraction and export processes. 

Unified System for Capture of Data from Many Sources

FlexiCapture provides a single source for the extraction of data from documents including scanners, email, network folders, ftp, EDI, and much more. It can communicate and integrate easily with existing systems to capture documents, extract data, create an OCR version, then export the data and documents. 

Easy and Fast Data Validation Process

Extracted data is presented alongside the original data source image in order to provide rapid verification before export. 

Automatic Export of Both Data and Documents

Extracted data is exported alongside text searchable versions of the documents to any location you determine, including multiple locations at the same time. This includes things like exporting to a database, XML file, or content management system. 

Key Features of FlexiCapture:

See more features in action during your:

Are you looking for information on FlexiCapture price? ABBYY FlexiCapture is available in several pricing models depending upon a variety of factors including whether you need to process fixed forms, semi-structured forms or invoices. Pricing also includes whether you need one workstation or a distributed version which provides web stations.  To receive detailed price lists by email, just press the button below and provide us with some basic information about yourself and your particular needs.


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